How to delete craigslist account?

Craigslist  is one of the most successful and popular free advertising website. When users want to add advertisement they are required to signup with the Craigslist and they will be able to contact community as well as take advantage of part time income by doing selling and buying stuffs.

Beside Craigslist being good and free, it is not necessary that you wish to continue your Craigslist account. It may happen that you want to delete craigslist account.  Unfortunately there is no direct way to delete a craigslist account. However, there is several tricks  and ways you can do to delete craigslist account.

Way to Deactivate a Craigslist Account:

Craigslist automatically deactivates the account if there is no transaction for several months to the account. If you never logged in for couple of months, it will be automatically deactivated.
Which means that the simplest way to delete craigslist account is not to do anything. Just rest your account for few months, it will be automatically deactivated.

Another best way I advise is to send the request for deactivation. You can send a mail to abuse and request to delete your account on Craigslist. They will require you to provide a valid reason why you want to delete an account. For deleting account, you must have valid reason of deactivation. Else you may fill their contact form and request them to delete your account. Link:
Craigslist will give response after your request. Wait until you received confirmation mail. If your account is deleted, you will receive confirmation message. Proceed to next step after deletion of Craigslist account.

You can re-register on craigslist after deletion of old account.

Since delete craigslist account may take some days, another option is to make your account meaningless while you wait for them to delete it automatically. Be logged in on the site, Click on the “Manage” link located to the left of to all “Active,” “Pending” and “Expired” posts. Click on “Delete” at the top of each post to remove the posting from Craigslist. All posts must be deleted to remove your account. Again go to Profile Settings (Or Options, etc.). In all fields with personal data (such as name, address, city), edit and do fill them with anonymous data.

In Summary: Many people think its not possible to delete Craigslist account.  All you have to do is to alter your account information and then become inactive. After a few months it will be deleted for you.